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IndianVideoGamer (IVG) has been India's largest gaming community since 2006. Initially, the website was divided into a blog and forums. While the forums had a large userbase and saw a lot of traffic, the blog had minimal content. I saw this as an opportunity to redesign the blog and provide a platform for IVG's writers to create original content and drive more traffic.

I approached IVG with a proposal to redesign and also add new content such as Top 5 Games, Polls, Game Release Calendar and much more. The first version of the redesign was launched in 2012 and received positive feedback from the community. This lead to an exponential rise in traffic and soon IVG became the go-to website for gamers in India. In 2013, we worked on another visual facelift for IVG that included a mobile-friendly version.

"Working with Karthik has been a great experience. Our site’s redesign was a difficult project because we weren’t quite sure what we wanted ourselves, but he was patient enough to try out various options and was able to implement most of our crazy ideas. He had the drive and the passion that we probably wouldn’t have got from many of the firms we spoke to. We’re very happy with the final product and the work done by Karthik, and it’s even more impressive considering he did it all on his own."
Sameer Desai Co-founder, Owner & Editor

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